APEX EC-7 on E92 M3

Meat Flush Fitment Specs for E92 M3 on APEX EC-7 Wheels

Dialing in wheel fitment for my E92

I was in search of the perfect meat flush fitment for my E92 M3. I wanted a square set that requires minimal camber, but can run a moderately aggressive street setup with a lot of tire tucked underneath the fenders. I went straight to APEX’s E9x M3 Wheel & Tire Fitment Guide to take a look at my options. They did a ton of fitment research with consideration to spacers, tire size, staggered/square setups, etc and it’s super helpful. Check it out if you have not. They have guides for a lot of BMW applications. Anyways, I ended up with a square set of EC-7 in Race Silver.

APEX EC-7 on E92 M3

Wheel Size

18x10 ET25 square

APEX EC-7 on E92 M3

Tire Size

275/35/18 Nitto NT01

APEX EC-7 on E92 M3

Front Height

13.5" (center of wheel to fender)

APEX EC-7 on E92 M3

Rear Height

13" (center of wheel to fender)

APEX EC-7 on E92 M3

Front Camber


APEX EC-7 on E92 M3

Rear Camber


APEX EC-7 on E92 M3


5mm F / 12mm R

APEX EC-7 on E92 M3
APEX EC-7 on E92 M3
APEX EC-7 on E92 M3
APEX EC-7 on E92 M3

Why did I choose this setup?

Whether it’s my track E46 or street E92 or my off-road truck – I’m a stickler for wheel fitment. People usually say form or function, you gotta pick one, but I think you can pick both.


  • Design. My top priority is the look of the face. The profile 3 face has the most aggressive concave face design.
  • Fitment. 18×10 ET 25 square setup. Say no more.
  • Ability to run bigger brake calipers in the future. Clears Brembo and Stoptech 6-pot 380mm BBK.
  • Limited lifetime warranty. For wheels purchased after August 12th 2019 you get covered from factory defects.
  • 50% Off Replacement Wheels. If I do take this on track and bend it, I can get half off.

Some people ask me, why not get the forged version? The APEX EC-7 flow-formed is not as light as the EC-7R, but this is a street car. I don’t care about that as much. On my track car, I’m running the ARC-8R forged wheels, because weight savings and forged matters for track applications.

So what do you think? Did I achieve the perfect meat flush fitment? Let me know in the comments below!

BMW E92 M3 GT2 @ Buttonwillow CW13 - 1:39.902 [Assetto Corsa]

Download: BMW E92 M3 GT2 Buildjournal Skin for Assetto Corsa

Here is the custom skin I made for the BMW E92 M3 GT2 on Assetto Corsa and it’s free to download for those of you that have the game on PC. Still need to work out the scaling on the carbon fiber texture of the wing because the weaves are huge! Leave me a comment below if you have any feedback on another skin design.

Install Directions

Copy folder of the car skin to your Assetto Corsa installation directory. There is a folder called “skins”, inside each car folder, which you simply copy to.

Example: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\bmw_m3_gt2\skins

Buildjournal BMW E92 M3 GT2


BMW E92 M3 GT2 @ Buttonwillow CW13 - 1:39.902 [Assetto Corsa]

BMW E92 M3 GT2 @ Buttonwillow CW13 - 1:39.902 [Assetto Corsa]

I find myself spending more time on my PC sim racing setup and in fact, a lot of time is spent on it. I joined the OnGrid Virtual Shootout which is a spec Miata race series on Assetto Corsa. It’s actually being broadcasted on Twitch twice a week. If you want to check it out there’s more info on their Facebook page which is linked here. Anyways, yeah. Sim Racing. Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Project CARS II, Gran Turismo Sport.

The cool thing about Assetto Corsa is the fact you can customize a lot of things. I mean, the community is by far the best in terms of content support. Take for example, this. It’s a laser-scanned Buttonwillow track map and it’s pretty damn accurate. It’s to my knowledge the only game that supports a Buttonwillow map so I find myself playing AC a lot more.

Customization is plenty. I took some time to re-design the car skin also using Photoshop and an NVIDIA Texture Tools plug-in. During these times, I have so much more time to kill especially since you know…all events are cancelled including BIMMER CHALLENGE. So take a look at this hot lap at Buttonwillow CW13 using the BMW E92 M3 GT2. This car comes with the game.

If you want to try out this track/game, we’re going to be setting up an Assetto Corsa server so you guys can all join the party. Stay tuned for details on server info.

Vin's E46 M3 Track Prep

Hoonigan Bonus: Vin Replaces All the Things on His BMW M3

I went over to help Vin on his last minute track prep stuff for his E46 M3 and although replacing his splitter brackets were not part of the to-do list, we found out that his current ones were damaged. Check out this video to see his OS Giken diff swap along with a cool montage of Driveshaft Pro installing the LSD into the OEM 210mm diff case. Oh also, you can see me using his Fikse Wheels as a workbench to drill into his carbon fiber splitter!

"5 Reasons to Own" E46 M3 Cinematic Short Film

We see a lot of E46 M3 videos, or just BMW videos in general, and there are only a handful that really gets my attention – this one is one of them. I’m also very pumped that Daniil Vataman, of BIMMERCLUB, reached out and asked to use some of my clips for this clip. I had no idea how this video project was going to turn out when he initially asked, but I’m glad he reached out because it’s awesome! Check it out and give his YouTube channel a follow for more BMW content.

Recaro Bucket Seat

Super Limited Recaro Racing Seats in Stock!

Looking to upgrade your seats? Now is the time! Get your hands on the super limited Recaro racing seats including the new Recaro Pro Racer RMS series in both fiberglass and carbon fiber.



E46 M3 Buildjournal Front Splitter and Brackets

John DeFini's Super Clean E46 M3 Track Build

Building an E46 M3 track car

A few months ago we were contacted by a customer that wanted to do a front splitter build for his E46 M3. I didn’t know what he was building or what his plans were, but after some back and forth conversations he ended up wanting to do a custom splitter build similar to my current setup which is wider to support winglets and has enough area to support tire spats.

E46 M3 Buildjournal Front Splitter and Brackets

I ended up cutting up a splitter from 1/4″ alumalite paired with our Quick-Release E46 Splitter Brackets and shipped it over along with a few other items. A few weeks went by and I came across his post on Facebook after completing his build and wow I was so happy to see this E46 M3 across the country with the splitter we made for him. Not only was I happy to see the splitter, but it was such a clean build overall and I asked him for pictures to do a write up on the website.

Some additional parts on the car included carbon fiber headlight blanks, HARD Motorsport brake duct kit, AeroCatch fastners, hood vents, fender vents, lightweight racing mirrors, Stoptech BBK, the whole interior was upgraded, etc.

Splitter kit parts list

  • Buildjournal Quick-Release Adjustable Splitter Brackets
  • Buildjournal Front Race Splitter - E46 M3
    • Splitter Guard
    • U-Channel Kit
  • Buildjournal Adjustable Splitter Cable Rods
  • Buildjournal Splitter Brace
  • Buildjournal Pop Latch Kit
  • ACS Style Polyurethane Front Lip - E46 M3
  • Buildjournal Sideskirt Splitter
E46 M3 Buildjournal Front Splitter and Brackets

The E46 M3 build is looking great already, but I’m sure there are more things to come including the splitter winglets. As an extra option, additional splitter diffusers can be installed on to the front splitter to increase downforce even more. I currently have the RSFuture splitter diffusers installed on my E46 M3.

Photo gallery

E46 M3 Buildjournal Front Splitter and Brackets

The ACS lip was mounted using screws and black-coated rivets. The lip was placed on a table to ensure the fitment was perfectly flat and even.

E46 M3 Buildjournal Front Splitter and Brackets
E46 M3 Buildjournal Front Splitter and Brackets
E46 M3 Buildjournal Front Splitter and Brackets

For the tire spats, John ended up custom fabricating a bracket to hold the spats in place. On my car I went with the tap screw method against the fender, but the the bracket is much cleaner and is easier to remove.

E46 M3 Buildjournal Front Splitter and Brackets

Extra material was placed in between the ACS lip and splitter to ensure no wind gets past the bumper.

E46 M3 Buildjournal Front Splitter and Brackets

E46 m3 Buttonwillow CW13

BMW E46 M3 @ Buttonwillow CW13 - 1:53.140

My car is now around 2,900 lbs with half tank and no driver plus, with the addition of new Nankang AR-1 tires I knew it was going to be interesting. I went to BIMMER CHALLENGE Round 2 @ Buttonwillow CW13 with the new setup and had no idea what to expect in terms of time. Last time I went out, I was 150 lbs heavier and had new Advan A052. The weight vs tire grip would be very interesting to see how it all pans out.

The first session was pretty cool. It was about low 60’s and the track was a bit dusty. I knew I had to put in a good lap in the 1st session, but it’s always a challenge because there’s no pre-gridding based on time and everyone is out there. I have to just give myself a gap and attack. I planned to do 2 warm up laps followed by 3 heaters. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get clear laps until the very last lap. By then, the tire temps were up to 35 psi and wasn’t really optimal, but I ended up beating my A052 personal best by 0.2 seconds.

Buildjournal E46 M3 Chuckwalla

BMW E46 M3 Chuckwalla CW - 1:58.366

BIMMER CHALLENGE Round 1 at Chuckwalla running the CW configuration went smooth and I ended up with 2nd place in B2. I ended up removing another 150 lbs or so and got down to about 2,900 lbs with half tank and no driver. I also added new splitter diffusers in the front to help with additional downforce. I was starting the 9th heat cycle on the A052 so the tires gave out after the 2nd session. Although my driving felt better as the day went on, the tires fell off significantly. I was over a second slower during the 3rd session.

Buildjournal BMW E92 M3 with BBS E88 Wheels

BMW E92 M3 with BBS E88 #slicerspec

Exemplar engineering meets modern design

The BBS E88 is such an iconic wheel and arguable the most sought our wheel for a lot of European car models across all generations. It’s a timeless piece and an engineering mastery featuring the recognizable mesh face with an eye-catching lip. I had to get a set for the E92.

Along with the E88 I added the PSM Dynamics rear wing made for the F8X platform. I took a gamble, but the lines flow so much better than the GT4 wing that is most common for the E9X. Here’s a small photoshoot I did with this setup. Shout out to Slicer for this custom #slicerspec set.


  • 18x10 ET12 w/ Pirelli Trofeo R 265/35/18
  • 18x11 ET24 w/ Pirelli Trofeo R 295/30/18
  • 8mm spacer in rear
  • -2 camber front
  • -2  camber rear

Update 7/10: Slicer reached out to me and thinks 8mm rear spacer is an impossible fitment. I may have mis-documented the 8mm spacer with a smaller one. If anyone can confirm please leave me a comment on specs. I don't have the wheels anymore so I can't test.

Buildjournal BMW E92 M3 with BBS E88 Wheels
Buildjournal BMW E92 M3 with BBS E88 Wheels
Buildjournal BMW E92 M3 with BBS E88 Wheels
Buildjournal BMW E92 M3 with BBS E88 Wheels
Buildjournal BMW E92 M3 with BBS E88 Wheels
Buildjournal BMW E92 M3 with BBS E88 Wheels
Buildjournal BMW E92 M3 with BBS E88 Wheels

BMW E46 M3 Chuckwalla CW

BMW E46 M3 Chuckwalla CW - 1:58.366

Round 1 of Bimmer Challenge 2020 season opener at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. I made a lot of changes to the car over the past few months – specifically weight reduction. Car should weigh in around 2,900 lbs with no driver and half tank of gas. I also added some RS Future front splitter diffusers to help with the front downforce. Last time I came here to run the CW configuration was when I had no aero and pretty much full interior so I didn’t really know what to expect, but today was good enough for a 4 sec faster PB.

Black Flagged - Buildjournal Splitter Bracket

Black Flagged Installs Our Splitter Brackets

Black Flagged made a super cool video to show our Buildjournal Quick-Release Splitter Brackets and Adjustable Cable Rods, and Pop Latch Quick-Release on his E46 M3 track car. It’s super convenient to have everything quick-release because you never know when you’ll have to make adjustments on the track and remove the bumper or just simply loading your car on the trailer. Or most commonly just getting up your driveway if your apron is super angled.

If you don’t know Black Flagged, you should give him a follow and check out his YouTube page. He’s one of the few (good) content creators for the E46 M3 and we really respect his dedication to his car!

Instagram: @getblackflagged
YouTube: Black Flagged