What Competition Class Are You In?

BIMMER CHALLENGE is a 13-event competition series and is free to those that qualify and are registered for Speed Ventures competition date(s). This is a time attack style competition based on vehicle points accumulation. Use our handy little points calculator to determine which competition class you'd be in.

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Vehicle Classification

B-1: Vehicles with 16.1 + points or more

B-2: Vehicles with 11.1 – 16.0 points

B-3: Vehicles with 6.1 – 11.0 points

B-4: Vehicles with 2.1 – 6.0 points

B-5: Vehicles with fewer than 2.0 or less points


  • 1 point added per 100lbs weight reduction, no limit.
  • Base weight chart. (+/- 50 lbs variable will be accepted)
  • Use of full racing slicks will result in placement of B1 or B2 class regardless of base or mod points.
  • Tire note: cars that come with point-carrying tires must add points for those tires.

Official BIMMER CHALLENGE 2020 Rules

Bimmer Challenge