We’re launching Buildjournal Tuning Labs because we want to enhance our driving experience to new levels. To some of us our E46 M3 is a daily driver and to others it’s a garage queen, but regardless of how we use our cars we enjoy the driving it whether it’s on the local freeways or at the track.

When I first started Buildjournal, I did it because I wanted to share with the community my driving experience with the car. It might be that I find a new product that I really enjoyed or a fun track day I attended or me spending an entire day replacing those damn front control arm bushings. And now I want to share another driving experience in the form of driver tuning.

This isn’t necessarily all about the speed or horsepower bragging rights, but it’s do give you driving enhancements that make you feel like you just bought and installed new wheels for the first time – excitement. With the help of my partner and friend Oscar, we’re bringing the E46 M3 community exactly this.

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