So I’ve had the B-Line Motorsports intake for over 4,000 miles now. The ECU has now fully adapted and it was time to get a dyno to measure the power change. A couple months back, I had a dyno done at SP Engineering, which I used as my baseline reading. First I’d like to present the initial readings on the rollers.

Stock intake installed. Air temp at 82 degrees Fahrenheit (°F). Best run was 282 whp at 240 wtq.

B-Line Motorsports M3 Intake

B-Line Intake installed. Air temp at 88 degrees Fahrenheit (°F). Best run was 292 whp at 245 wtq (reading indicates wtq at 240, but graph indicates correct reading at 245 wtq).

B-Line Motorsports M3 Intake

First look at this intake and I was immediately impressed. The carbon weave is perfect. Install was very easy, the fitment was dead on, and the heat shield fully blocked off any heat from the radiator. Right away, I noticed an increase in throttle response, nothing dramatic, but significant enough to feel. The best feature though has to be the new harmonics of the S54! Around 4,500 RPM, the intake really comes alive and is very audible. Power wise, yes, I felt a small increase although it’s not a new revolution in horsepower gains.

B-Line Motorsports M3 Intake

Putting the data in relative conditions, I suspect the intake makes the full 11-14 whp B-Line claims. I made 10 whp more although the temperature was warmer by 6 degrees.

Overall I am very satisfied with the power gains and the new sound that my S54 has acquired. I suspect there is an increase in fuel economy, although I never really measured that before the intake nor is it something I care too much about (or at all).

B-Line Motorsports M3 Intake

One last note, after the dyno, the tech checked around the filter of the intake and noted that engine bay temps were cool. He seemed slightly surprised, but then reminded me that it is a carbon intake, and carbon has a greater tolerance of thermal heat compared to the aluminum and plastic intakes. I have noticed no decrease in power in the warm SoCal days due to heat soak. The car still responds and pulls just as smooth and the idle is consistent with cooler temps.

Overall a great looking intake with proven performance gains at a relative cost.

  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10
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    Quality - 8/10


One of the few carbon fiber design intake systems for the E46 M3. Sounds better than most due to carbon fiber material. Heat soak can be an issue.