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1/4" Alumalite Race Splitter with optional splitter guard and U-Channel.

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Buildjournal E46 M3
Quick-Release Adjustable Front Splitter Brackets Install DIY

Quick-Release Brackets

Adjustable brackets with a true quick-release feature for easy on and off.

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Front Lip

ACS-replica lip to cover "the gap" between the bumper and splitter.

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E46 M3 Quick Release Front Splitter Bracket
Buildjournal E46 M3 Splitter Brace

Splitter Brace

Aluminum angled braces to allow frontal support while protecting from scrapes.

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Cable Rods

Quick-release adjustable cable rods for additional reinforcement of the front splitter.

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Adjustable Splitter Cable Rods
Buildjournal E46 M3

Pop Latch

Quick-release bumper latches to access the front splitter within seconds.

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Sideskirt Splitter

The sideskirt splitter extension reduces wind spill so you retain faster moving air on the bottom of the chassis while the slower moving air stay above.

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E46 M3 Front Splitter
RS Future LM Wing - BMW E36 E46 M3

RS Future LM Wing

Increase downforce without sacrificing speed.

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Track Proven

Tested at various tracks including Auto Club Speedway which has a 145+ mph front straight and NASCAR T1 and T2 with downwards AOA.