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Shocks for your splitter. Hold your splitter with rods and reduce damage to your splitter. The Buildjournal Quick Release Splitter Rods Shocks allow one-way upward deflection so the impact energy doesn’t get absorbed entirely by the splitter. Solid splitter rods have no deflection properties therefore damage to your splitter is at greater risk. This kit also features a quick release function to remove your rods in seconds featuring a new clevis mount base from Verus Engineering. Length is 16″ from eyelet to eyelet excluding clevis mount base.

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Splitter Rods Shocks Buildjournal

Splitter Rods + Shocks

Shocks deflect upwards upon contact with ground

Quick Release Compatible

Detaches in seconds

Splitter Rods Shocks
Splitter Rods Shocks

Easy Mounting

Verus Engineering Clevis Mounting Base

Eye Bolt Solution

Custom clevis adapters for zero play

Splitter Rods Shocks
Splitter Rods Shocks

All Hardware Included for Install

Easily mount to splitter

Splitter Rods Shocks

Why do I need splitter rods?

A simple front splitter setup can produce up to 300 lbs of downforce. Downforce is created when there is a difference in high and low pressure. High pressure is slower moving air which is generated in areas such as the front bumper. Low pressure is faster moving air which is generated underneath your car or beneath the splitter.

When the air is divided by the splitter, the front of the splitter produces a lot of high pressure so it is important to support the outermost edges of the splitter. This is where the splitter rods come into play.

Most commonly you’ll see splitter rods attached outside of the bumper so it’s visible, however the rods can be used behind the bumper as well. On our track cars, we run a 4″ splitter, but with the use of our Splitter Braces we don’t need to run frontal splitter rods, however we do use them for the sides.

Shocks as splitter rods?

Traditionally, there are two different methods to provide support to your splitter: solid vs. flexible.

Solid supports such as conventional rods usually come adjustable, however the mount is fixed meaning there is no deflection vertical – up and down. It’s the most common setup because it does a good job holding the splitter at a constant level. However if you were to hit a curb or scrape your splitter, a lot of the energy goes to the splitter because of the solid support. This leads to potential damage to your splitter.

Flexible supports such as cables allow deflection. When there is contact with the ground, the splitter can flex up and allow upwards movement. Cables are also very strong so even a thin gauge wire can support a lot of weight. However with cable rods, it doesn’t provide a natural downwards pressure to hold the splitter level. In case of situations where your splitter AOA is positive, the splitter may want to go up.

This is where the Splitter Rods with Shocks come into play. It provides the benefits of cable rods with natural downwards pressure.

Buildjournal Quick Release Splitter Rod Shock
Buildjournal Quick Release Splitter Rod Shock

17″ option installed on E46 M3 factory radiator support to the splitter
Clears HARD Motorsport brake ducts
Bumper trimming may be required
Previous mounting solution shown in picture




E30, E36, E36/7 / E36/8 Z3, E39, E46, E60 / E61, E85 / E86 Z4, E90 E91 E92 E93


Z3 M, Z4 M, M3, M5

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