PSDesigns BMW Gear Shifter – E36 M3


Introducing the all-new PSDesigns E36 M3 Shifter for your BMW! Upgrade your manual transmission shifter to a performance short shift kit. This kit eliminates the slop and play found in many shifters for a more precise, crisp shift which is especially useful on-track, while being visually appealing with its race appearance. Knobs are made out of titanium which does not transmit heat well, meaning that they don’t get as hot! No need for Delrin shift knobs. This is a direct bolt-on for the E36 M3 however it can fit most BMW vehicles with 5 and 6 speed Getrag and ZF transmissions, standard H-pattern or Dog Leg.

E36 does not require aftermarket DSSR, however it is highly recommended. DSSR is required for 135i, 335i, and E9X M3 applications. Shifters are manufactured, assembled, and shipped from the United Kingdom.


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Upgrade Your E36 M3 Shifter

A tunnel mounted transmission can greatly improve shifting performance with quicker shifts, more precise gear selections, fewer mis-shifts and overall just nice crispy shifting experience.

RTD Shifter

No Trimming Console, 100% Bolt-On

Direct bolt on upgrade for your E36 transmission

304 Stainless Steel and Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Quick and solid shifts

PSDesigns E46 M3 Shifter
PSDesigns E46 M3 Shifter

Grade 5 Ti64Al Laser Etched Titanium Gear Knob

Easy swapping of knobs with one bolt instead of a screw-in type

Integrated Center Positioning Spring

Easy calibration to ensure perfect feedback while shifting

PSDesigns E46 M3 Shifter
PSDesigns E46 M3 Shifter

Carbon Fiber Shaft Sleeve (Optional)

2x2 Twill CF for added aesthetics

Multiple Options

Choose your custom setup

PSDesigns E46 M3 Shifter
PSDesigns E46 M3 Shifter

Street and Track Shaft Length

300mm or 360mm shaft lengths

DSSR (Optional)


PSDesigns DSSR

DSSR Fitment

95-120 mm125-160 mm
1`E82 1M Coupe3′ E21
1´E88 135i N543′ E30
1´E82 135i N543′ E36 M3 S50
3´E90 335i N543′ E36 M3 S52
3´E90  LCI 325D N573′ E46 M3
3´E90  LCI 330 D3`E90 M3 V8
3´E90  LCI 335i N543`E90 LCI M3 V8
3´E91  335i N543`E92 M3 V8
3´E91  LCI 325D N573`E92 LCI M3 V8
3´E91  LCI 330 D3`E93 M3 V8
3´E91  LCI 335i N543`E93 LCI M3 V8
3´E92  LCI 330 D N573`E90 LCI 335i N55
3´E92  335i3`E90 LCI 335ix N55
3´E92 LCI 325 D3`E91 LCI 335i N55
3´E92 LCI 330 D3`E91 LCI 335ix N55
3´E92 LCI 335 D3`E92 LCI 335i N55
3´E93  LCI 330 D N573`E92 LCI 335ix N55
3´E93  335i3`E93 LCI 335i N55
3´E93 LCI 325 D1´E81  130i
3´E93 LCI 330 D1`E82 135i N55
1´E87  130i
1´E87  LCI 130i
3´E90 330i N52
3´E90 330i N52N
3´E90 330i N53
3´E90 LCI 330i N52N
3´E90 LCI 330i N53
3´E91 330i N52
3´E91 330i N52N
3´E91 330i N53
3´E91 LCI 330i N52N
3´E91 LCI 330i N53
3´E92 330i N52N
3´E92 330i N53
3´E92 LCI 330i N52N
3´E92 LCI 330i N53
3´E93 330i N52N
3´E93 330i N53
3´E93 LCI 330i N52N
3´E93 LCI 330i N53
X1 E84 28i N52N
M2 F87
M2 F87 LCI
M3 F80
M3 F80 LCI
M4 F82
M4 F82 LCI
M4 F83
M4 F83 LCI

⚠️ Compatible with E30, E36, E46, E39, E82, E87, E90, E92, E93, F87 M2, F80 M3, F82 M4, F83 M4 (Including 1M, 135i, 335i, M3 & M5)

⚠️ DSSR is required for 135i, 335i, and E9X M3 applications

Shaft Length

Road (300mm), Track (360mm)

Shaft Finish

Raw Aluminum, Black Anodized Aluminum, Carbon Sleeved Aluminum

Knob Color

Raw Titanium Knob, Black Titanium Knob





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