I find myself spending more time on my PC sim racing setup and in fact, a lot of time is spent on it. I joined the OnGrid Virtual Shootout which is a spec Miata race series on Assetto Corsa. It’s actually being broadcasted on Twitch twice a week. If you want to check it out there’s more info on their Facebook page which is linked here. Anyways, yeah. Sim Racing. Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Project CARS II, Gran Turismo Sport.

The cool thing about Assetto Corsa is the fact you can customize a lot of things. I mean, the community is by far the best in terms of content support. Take for example, this. It’s a laser-scanned Buttonwillow track map and it’s pretty damn accurate. It’s to my knowledge the only game that supports a Buttonwillow map so I find myself playing AC a lot more.

Customization is plenty. I took some time to re-design the car skin also using Photoshop and an NVIDIA Texture Tools plug-in. During these times, I have so much more time to kill especially since you know…all events are cancelled including BIMMER CHALLENGE. So take a look at this hot lap at Buttonwillow CW13 using the BMW E92 M3 GT2. This car comes with the game.

If you want to try out this track/game, we’re going to be setting up an Assetto Corsa server so you guys can all join the party. Stay tuned for details on server info.