Here is a decision chart that will help you fine tune suspension setups. We avoid spring rates because this is usually dependent on the valving on your suspension. We assume you aren’t super lowered and riding on bump stops. You must maintain correct ride height designed for your suspension system to maintain optimal ride geometry.

Step 1 – Fine Tune Suspension with Rebound Tuning:

  • First you will have to open all valves open to softest setting and then begin your testing.
SymptomFront ReboundRear Rebound
Understeer at turn-inSoften-
Oversteer at turn-in-Soften
Understeer at exitStiffen-
Oversteer at exitStiffen-

Step 2 – Tire Pressure Tuning:

  • 30-33 PSI for track days. Monitor the PSI as they start to rise from the heat. Adjust accordingly
  • 36-38 PSI for normal driving to conserve tire wear.
SymptomFront Tire PressureRear Tire Pressure
Inner Wear OnlyDecreaseDecrease
Overcooked TiresIncreaseIncrease

Step 3 – Camber Tuning:

SymptomFront CamberRear Camber
Understeer at turn-inIncrease-
Oversteer at turn-inDecreaseIncrease
Understeer at exitIncrease-
Oversteer at exitDecreaseIncrease
Rotate carIncreaseSmall Increase

Step 4 – Swaybar Tuning:

SymptomFront SwayRear Sway
Understeer at turn-inSoften-
Oversteer at turn-inStiffenSoften
Understeer at exitSoftenStiffen
Oversteer at exit-Remove

Step 5 – Compression Tuning:

SymptomFront CompressionRear Compression
Skipping over bumps-Decrease
Power skidding on exit-Increase
Porpoise during brakingIncrease-

Step 6 – Bushing Tuning:

  • Spherical/Solid Bushings will articulate better under bind than Poly.
  • Sway links must be installed pre-loaded, meaning weight of the car on the front suspension. Both sway links should bolt into the sway bar without any force. Otherwise, you will encounter a steering wheel that is easier to turn in one direction than the other since one side will be preloaded incorrectly. If you lower your car you will need adjustable sway links to achieve this optimal pre-load neutrality.
  • We recommend spherical Rear Trailing Arm Bushing due to articulation issues with Poly bushings.
  • We recommend spherical or delrin Front Control Arm Bushings.
  • We recommend matching differential, engine, transmission bushings.
  • We recommend solid subframe bushings.
  • We recommend spherical RSM due to articulation issues with Poly bushings.
  • We recommend spherical lower control arms due to articulation issues with Poly bushings.

Check out our Alignment Specs Guide for your E46 M3 for additional information on suspension setups for track, daily and auto cross. Do you have any  suggestions or feedback? Comment below!