We are excited to announce new features coming soon for the B-Spec Tune.

As always, updates and new feature requests are free to existing B-Spec Tune owners.

  • MK20 Performance Traction Control (2001-2002 only): For those with the older MK20 units, we are testing out a performance calibration tune for the MK20 DSC unit. You may notice that the MK20 DSC kicks in a lot harder and more frequent than the later MK60 (2003-2006). The later MK60 has the option of M-Track Mode, however MK20 unit does not have this feature. This feature should help with Launch Control with MK20 Performance Traction Control and making the MK20 less sensitive with aggressive wheel/suspension setups for track days while still keeping DSC on.
  • Ignition Tuning: We are testing out ignition based rev limiter cutoff to aid with no lift shifting. Stock is a 2 stage rev limiter cutoff with fuel and ignition based. Prevents the harsh fuel cutoff at redline.
  • Full Idle Remap (catless Only): We are testing out a cold start remap program that in conjunction with the SAP program disable should make your neighbors a lot happier with those that are running catless. Idle rpm will now be based off of engine temperature sensor instead of catalytic converter sensor temperatures. In essence, idle will try to protect the motor instead of protecting the catalytic converters. We are also researching cold start remap scaling to solve the issue of the standard idle scaling being still too noisy.
  • Lower and Raise Idle: We are testing out the capabilities to raise idle that could help with those who have solid motor mounts and experience NVH.
  • Higher Redline Rev Limiter:  We can now raise the rev limiter to 8,200 RPM while maintaining a flat power-band at that rpm. This will be considered aggressive.
  • Flex Fuel Kit: We are testing out the compatibility of E85 flex fuel kits being used with our B-Spec Tune.


  • Launch Control RPM Limiter (6MT only)
  • Ability to raised standing Idle RPM for NVH or E85 (6MT+SMG)
  • Raised Redline to 8,200 RPM

In Beta Testing:

  • E85 Flex Fuel Kit compatibility with tune (Dyno Scheduled 3/17/18)
  • Flat Foot Shifting (6MT+SMG)
    • Ignition Based Cutoff (Allows for Flat Foot Shifting)
    • Ignition/ 2 Stage Fuel Cutoff (Default)
  • B-Spec Tune Performance Traction Control for MK20 Only – (2001-2002.5)
    • DSC Applied Torque Reduction
    • Revised Initial Torque Intervention Value
    • MK20 DSC Unit E46 M3

In Research & Development:

  • Idle Remap (Cold Start Remap)
    • Quieter Idle Scaling (based off Temperature).

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