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Our E46 M3 Splitter Brackets were designed with two mandatory goals: having rear mounting support while retaining 100% quick-release functionality. We’ve tinkered with nothing but BMWs for the last few years and we’ve seen and experienced it all. Our CAD designed solution is a 100% bolt-on kit that retains quick-release functionality to install or remove your splitter in less than 10 seconds.

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Our E46 M3 Splitter Brackets were designed with two mandatory goals: having rear mounting support while retaining 100% quick-release functionality. We accomplished both while also using the factory mounting points for a true bolt-on kit.

BMW splitter mounting solutions are different from any other makes because of how the main brackets are forced to face. The core fundamentals of a properly mounted splitter tackles these two variables: horizontal deflection and vertical deflection.

  1. On track at speeds, your splitter is going to produce a lot of downforce (Bernoulli’s principle) meaning it wants to push down towards the ground – that’s vertical deflection. The Main Bracket’s job is to limit this.
  2. Also, on track at speeds, when your splitter is producing downforce (vertical deflection) it’s going to naturally produce horizontal deflection from the point of the fulcrum, pushing back towards the back of the car. This is why you absolutely need a rear mounting solution to stop the splitter from moving horizontally. Your splitter will bow at speeds and fail. It may not on your first track day, but trust me it will overtime. The rear mounting solution on our Full Kit tackles this issue with a skeleton system. If you’re also running a heavy splitter, this slow failure is magnified.

The rear mounting point wouldn’t be such a mandatory feature if the Main Brackets were installed parallel to the engine frame rail – most JDM cars allow for this type of Main Bracket mounting system so they don’t absolutely have to run rear mounts. Think about pressure being applied to the face of a bare sheet of metal opposed to applying pressure when its turned 90° to the side. The sheet metal will bend when pressure is applied to the face. This is not good on BMW’s and is the challenge we face with splitters.

TLDR: You need a rear mounting solution for BMW splitter solutions. I don’t care if you have a DIY solution or something else. Have some sort of rear mounting solution to stop horizontal deflection.

Rear mounting solution

Rear mounting is absolutely mandatory for E46 splitters. Our 'Full Kit' skeleton solution provides rigid support for lateral deflection on track. If you are purchasing our Main Brackets only, you will still need a rear mounting solution.

True quick release – no tools

Main Brackets and Full Skeleton are all quick-release so you can remove/install the splitter easily without the use of ANY tools.

E46 M3 Quick-Release Splitter Brackets - Buildjournal
E46 M3 Quick-Release Splitter Brackets - Buildjournal

Height adjustable

Large-range height adjustable bracket plates can move +/- 2to adjust your splitter height.

100% bolt-on solution

CAD designed for a 100% bolt-on solution to your existing factory mounting points.

E46 M3 Quick-Release Splitter Brackets - Buildjournal
Splitter Rods Shocks Buildjournal

Splitter Rods with Shocks (Add-On)

Provide support on the sides of the splitter while allowing vertical deflection on contact with ground - reducing damage to your splitter.

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Splitter Brace (Add-On)

Provide additional support towards the front of the splitter where it is unsupported and add additional protection when the splitter comes in contact with the ground.

E46 M3 Quick-Release Splitter Brackets - Buildjournal
E46 M3 Race Splitter

E46 M3 Race Splitter

Our lightweight race splitter comes in 2 different variations with an option to extend the splitter an additional 8 towards the rear to accelerate low pressure air underneath the chassis.

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E46 M3 Splitter Brackets

Install Guide

Vehicle Fitment

BMWE46323CiM52 2.5L
BMWE46323iM52 2.5L
BMWE46325CiM54 2.5L
BMWE46325iM54 2.5L
BMWE46325xiM54 2.5L
BMWE46328CiM52 2.8L
BMWE46328iM52 2.8L
BMWE46330CiM54 3.0L
BMWE46330iM54 3.0L
BMWE46330xiM54 3.0L
BMWE46M3S54 3.2L

📢 This bracket may provide solutions for other vehicle types. Most BMW vehicles come with similar bumper beam and front bumper beam supports. Main mounting bracket may be modified for use on other BMW applications. Main bracket fitment is confirmed with E36 M3 models with slight modifications to the main bracket – drilling new holes.

Buildjournal Quick Release Splitter Rod Shock
Additional information
Weight6 lbs

Full Kit with Skeleton, Main Brackets Only




Steel, Aluminum (5052)







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Body & Aero


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