MCS 3 Way Remote Coilover Kit (3W) – E46 / M3


Drop in a MCS 3 Way Remote (3W) coilover kit on your E46 including the M3. This coilover kit is offered in street/track/race Spring Packages and ship pre-assembled by RaceWerkz Engineering. Includes Vorshlag camber plates, Swift Main/Helper Springs and SPL sway bar endlinks.


Custom Spring Package

Only choose Custom Spring Rates if you selected “Custom” as your Spring Package. If your coilover kit features a true-rear suspension, motion ratio must be factored in to achieve the final spring rate. Motion Ratio varies per car.

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Motion Control Suspension - MCS

E46 / M3 MCS 3 Way Remote Damper (3W)

MCS Coilovers 3WRR Damper

The E46 / M3 MCS 3W Remote damper is a triple-adjustable damper with external reservoirs which allow for adjustment of the gas pressure in the damper. Both compression and rebound damping forces are independently adjustable with the compression adjuster located on the reservoir head and the rebound adjuster located on the shaft-end. The 3W kit allows all the adjustability features as the 2W, but with an additional low speed compression adjuster.

RaceWerkz Engineering


Street / Track

F: 616 LB
R: 448 LB

Track / Race

F: 672 LB
R: 504 LB

MCS 2 Way Remote Coilover 2W - E46 M3

Dampers + Springs + Camber Plates + Endlinks

All kits are assembled with fasteners torqued and paint marked with baseline settings applied

Vorshlag Camber Plates

Get up to -4 camber with spherical bearings for better durability and wear characteristics

MCS 1 Way Non-Remote 1WNR Coilover - E46 M3
MCS 1 Way Non-Remote 1WNR Coilover - E46 M3

MCS Rear Clevis Mount

True-rear coilover configuration which does not require rear weight jackers

Customizable Swift Springs

Swift main and helper springs

MCS 1 Way Non-Remote 1WNR Coilover - E46 M3
SPL Endlinks

SPL Adjustable Endlinks

Teflon lined FK 1/2" bearings to provide the highest load capacity

High/Low Speed Compression Adjustment

18 clicks high speed, 10 clicks low speed

MCS 2 Way Remote Coilover 2W - E46 M3
Motion Control Suspension (MCS) 1WNR Coilover Kit for E46 M3

Easy Rebound Adjustment

More spring control with 18 clicks of rebound adjustment

Buildjournal E46 M3 Aero Program

Kit Contents

  • (2) MCS Triple-Adjustable Strut w/ External Reservoir (Front)
  • (2) MCS Triple-Adjustable Shock w/ External Reservoir (Rear)
  • (2) MCS Upper Clevis Mount (Rear)
  • (2) MCS Spring Perch Locking Tool
  • (2) Vorshlag Camber Plate
  • (4) Swift Main Spring
  • (4) Swift Helper Spring
  • (2) SPL Endlink
Motion Control Suspension - MCS

E46 / M3 MCS 3 Way Remote Damper (3W)

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MCS 3W Damper
Spring Package

Street / Track (616 F / 448 R), Track / Race (672 F / 504 R), Custom


Motion Control Suspension



Product Category


Camber Plate

M, Non-M

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