Replace Your Weathered Windshield Trim Moulding

Overtime the rubber material around the windshield begins to dry out and crack. It gets real ugly. Once it gets to my level, pictures below, it’s also harder to remove because the strip chunks off in pieces instead of just removing it as one long piece. So before it get’s really bad, I highly recommend you replace the windshield gasket as soon as it starts to show signs of dryness. You can check visually or physically. Easiest way is to just touch the moulding out lip and see if it’s brittle. Be careful when testing because it may just chunk off.

In my case, I’m replacing the windshield moulding on my E92 M3 Coupe. Part numbers are different for different body styles so make sure you get the right part number which I will also provide down below.

For E92 Coupe

For E93 Vert

Tools Required

  • Goo Gone
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Plastic scraper
  • Flat head screwdriver or pry tool





Install Directions

1. Lift old windshield moulding by prying up corners. You may need a flathead or pry tool to start the removal. The moulding has a metal u-channel that slots over the windshield.

My moulding was so bad that it was breaking off in pieces! Super annoying to remove piece by piece, but a little plastic scraper helped speed things up.

The top portion was a bit tricky to get started. It’s a tighter fit than the sides so I had to use a flat head to pry up the moudling.

2. Once the old moulding is removed, clean up the body free of dust. Use Goo Gone or adhesive remover to get all the old adhesive off.

3. Install new windshield moulding trim. DO NOT REMOVE THE DOUBLE ADHESIVE TAPE JUST YET.

Once the moulding is installed in place, then remove the double sided adhesive by pulling on the yellow tabs.

The new moulding should also have a u-channel to slot the windshield. Fitment might be tight, but it will go down.

Now you’re done!

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