Well it wasn’t too long for me to start swapping things out on the car again. I wasn’t satisfied with the current exhaust, so I bought a new one! The old exhaust, a Borla oval tip. The exhaust tone was very deep and throaty, but I wanted something unique. Rogue Engineering is a long time aftermarket parts manufacturer for the E46 M3 and their exhaust is one of the most sought out for the E46’s because of its unique tone.

I came across one on the M3Forums and it was a fairly decent price. I think I picked it up for around $900. It had a spot weld on the muffler to reinforce a dangling hanger, but other than that it was great.

Borla oval tip exhaust for the E46 M3.

Rogue Engineering El Diablo Exhaust for the E46 M3.

Rogue Engineering El Diablo Exhaust for the E46 M3.

The tips were originally polished chrome, but I painted it black. I used RustOleum High Heat paint to do so. Make sure to prep the surface before you paint. Sand it down with 800 grit sandpaper, clean with alcohol, and then paint.

E46 M3 OEM 19 Wheels

Black tips are stealth! Making some progress on the rear, but I still need a CSL diffuser to get the whole CSL look.

E46 M3 Khoalty Splitters

Here’s a picture of the Khoalty CSL splitters.