I wasn’t planning on going out to Big SoCal Euro this year, but last minute change of plans opened up my Sunday and we headed to San Diego in the morning. The morning greeted us with a little rainfall and I, along with the others on the caravan down to SD, was a little bummed because I kept my car clean the entire week. Right as we entered San Diego it started raining even harder, but fortunately by the time gates opened at Qualcomm, the rain had stopped. I was glad the rain stopped just in time because I wanted to bring my camera out, but I wasn’t going to if the rain continued.

Like last year, Big SoCal Euro 2017 brought out a lot of different European makes and it’s pretty cool to see all kinds of car culture come into one spot. We walked around and took a few photos, checked out the drag races, bought some cleaning supplies from Chemical Guys, and chatted it up with the vendors and owners. Take a look at some of the photos we took. Sorry, it’s mostly BMWs.