E92 M3 Street Fitment

It was inevitable. I like Hyper Silver and Apex ARC8-8 so much, I had to get another set for the E92 M3. I’m slowly beginning to find that balance of what can be a fun canyon or occasional track car while mostly serving its purpose of driving on the streets. I was on the fence for a staggered setup and throwing on some meaty rear tires, but I couldn’t get around not being able to rotate my tires if I need to. So I went with the 18×10 ET25 spec.

Also I tried something new this time. I wanted to get the beefiest tire/sidewall setup without sacrificing too much in the camber department. Originally I wanted to try 295/30/18 square, but that’s not possible without linear spring coilover setups like MCS. In addition, it required at least -3 camber which I wasn’t going to do on this street setup. I’ve always liked the sidewall profiles of the Michelin Cup 2 so I opted for the 285/30/18 square setup. Thanks to Mike at TPM Parts in Irvine, CA for providing the tire service! Yes, the 285/30 is not the ideal spec and lowers the radius from factory setup, but this is a street setup and I wasn’t too bothered considering if it meant I’ll get the look I’m going for.

So what is the “look” I’m going for? A nice and low meat flush look. The lower profile tires really makes the car sit nice and low while filling in the arches with just the right amount of camber to achieve that meat flush look. With a 275/35/18 setup, which I’ve done many times, it has that beefy sidewall look, but you have to run a tuck to get to the height I’m at now. I risk rubbing while doing so also.

I’m pretty happy with my setup and I think it looks even better in person. Hyper Silver just pops.

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