Ivan came to us for a B-Spec Tune about a week ago to give his beautiful alpine white E46 M3 a little bump in power. A few days later, he took it in for a dyno session and came out with an awesome 305.70 whp/ 257.74 wtq on California 91 pump gas. Although we were pleased with his tune results alone, we also advised him to look into pairing the B-Spec Tune with flex fuel E85 to see what additional performance gains he could make while being catted. He later read our E46 M3 E85 Review & Dyno and decided to try out the AFD Proflex Commander E85 flex fuel kit after our suggestion. The results? See for yourself below…

Ivan’s 2002 E46 M3

E46 M3 E85 Tune - Buildjournal B-Spec Tune

  • B-Spec Tune (catted)
  • Advanced Fuel Dynamics Proflex Commander Flex Fuel Kit 
  • Stock Euro headers + Euro catalytic converters
  • eVenturi with updated cone filter
  • Relocated TMS IAT temperature sensor
  • Mishimoto silicone intake elbow
  • Mishimoto electric fan conversion and stock fan delete
  • 6MT (SMG conversion by Kaiv)
  • 111k miles on odometer currently
  • Rod bearings and new cooling system was installed at 100k miles


Ivan’s car dynoed a whopping 334.94 whp/ 265.33 wtq with B-Spec tune + AFD Proflex Commander with just E57 fuel. An impressive peak to peak gain of +29.24 whp / 7.59 wtq compared to B-Spec on California 91 Octane. Here we can see that E46 M3 really takes advantage of the higher octane fuel with a tune and it is evident that the E85 helps stop the S54 DME from pulling timing. Also, notice the healthy curve gains throughout the entire power band and how the jagged lines starting at 6.7K RPM are smoothed out up top. You can read Ivan’s full review on M3Forums.

E46 M3 E85 Tune - Buildjournal B-Spec Tune


“The car put down a whopping 335 whp. Wait, whaattt?!?!?!? Yup, 335 whp. Holy hell!! Steve and I were so shocked that we did 2 more runs, still 334-335 whp with very consistent curves. I am simply blown away.” – Ivan

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