The BMW bug spreads real quick. My friend was interested in buying a car so he did a few months of research and decided to purchase a BMW M235i. Considering my room mate, cousin and I make up for 6 BMW cars, I’m sure we had some influence in his decision haha. It’s already got a nice drop with H&R springs, a carbon fiber front splitter kit, carbon fiber diffuser, carbon fiber trunk lip spoiler, carbon fiber side mirror caps, and blacked out grills. He came by the house one day and we decided to go up to our favorite spot to do a couple roller shots. I just bought a new camera setup so I wanted to go test it out. I brought out a polarizer to pull some of the details of the car and since we went right at golden hour I can really pull down the highlights in the sky to make the sunset even more orange. I gotta say, this shoot was probably the most satisfying shoot. I purposely underexposed some of these shots to capture organic light and mimic the actual environment. Check it out!