For those of you who don’t know about our current Sport Enhanced mode, it is an available feature with our B-Spec Tune where we remap your throttle response to become more linear and responsive to the driver. While the current mapping is already very responsive, we thought that it could be refined a little further and it’s safe to say we achieved that. As a result, we are happy to introduce our new and improved sport throttle mapping: Sport Plus Mode. 

This change may be difficult to notice, but compared to the previous Sport Enhanced Mode, pickup and acceleration from cruising speeds are much more responsive than before. There are three main characteristics of Sport Plus mode that differ from the previous Sport Enhanced: Torque Load Management, Electronic Throttle Duty Cycle Curve, and the WOT Threshold.

Improved Torque Load Management

A significant amount of torque load management system was flattened out in order to allow the car to feed in more power during heavy acceleration. This is to avoid the engine from being heavily filtered by the ECU’s torque management system. Additionally, the torque reduction becomes more linear as a result of the newly flattened curve.

Buildjournal B-Spec Tune Engine Torque Max

Buildjournal B-Spec Tune Engine Torque Filter

Buildjournal B-Spec Tune Dashpot Demand


Revised Electronic Throttle Duty Cycle Curve

We also modified the curve of the electronic throttle duty cycle in order to smooth out initial acceleration from lower RPMs. SMG drivers should notice more of a difference as this remapping should smooth out a lot of the jerkiness associated when accelerating out of a standstill.

Buildjournal B-Spec Tune Electronic Duty Cycle

Lowered WOT Threshold

We also lowered the threshold throttle values for the car to switch to WOT open loop map. This means that the car will switch to a WOT mode a lot sooner, which increases the perception of the engine’s instantaneous responsiveness.

Buildjournal B-Spec Tune WOT Threshold

Please note that the changes on Sport Plus Mode will not affect power gains or dyno curves. This feature release focuses solely on throttle response, acceleration and drivability of the car. This feature will replace the original Sport Enhanced mode, and be referred to as our Version 2.1. This is as a free revision to our existing customers for those who are wanting to update to Sport Plus. 

Note for existing B-Spec Tune Customers

In order for Buildjournal to continue providing free updates for your B-Spec Tune,  all customers must complete the Buildjournal Vehicle Compliance Waiver (which has also been emailed to you) in order to receive any future revisions of your tune, including this new feature. We have made some updates to our Terms of Service and Product Policy that all existing customer are required to review and acknowledge. We appreciate your compliance and understanding.

If you would like to update your tune with this feature, please do the following:

  • Send us an email with the subject line: [Order #*Put your order number here* / V2.1 Update] to
  • If you have had re-tunes done in the past, include your most current B-Spec Tune that you would like revised. The free update is available for ONE B-Spec Tune file. If you would like to add the new feature onto some of your other files, a re-tune order will be required.
  • We will be focusing on our E-Flash customers first, and will start scheduling updates for our local customers once our queue has lightened up.
  • Note: We will be pushing out the revised files as quick as we can in the order that they come in. Please allow us some time to get to your update request as we may have follow up questions for you. To speed up the process, it is crucial that you follow all instructions and attach the correct files in order to be added to our queue. Thank you for understanding!

As always, we are always available to answer any other questions via email and don’t forget to leave us feedback on our Facebook and website!