With a stomach full of delicious thai food (pad thai and crab rangoon if you’re wondering) and a bladder at full tank, I came across this spot in the City of Industry while driving back from dinner. Thankfully I had my camera with me so I had to stop and take pictures to show this photospot.

The streets around here are brightly lit up and are super wide since it was paved for truck access. Quite an eerie vibe too. You can hear machines humming from nearby factories and once in a while a train will come across the bridge very slowly as if the conductor is looking at you. Definitely made shooting a little more intense.

Photospot City of Industry

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a spot for the local car meets. The place is scattered with tire marks side by side as if people used to come here and race. Nonetheless a great photospot for your lens. I wish I could’ve stayed a little longer, but I had to empty my tank. Nothing is worse than holding your piss while shooting, standing up.

Photospot City of Industry - BuildJournal