Should I get a magnetic oil drain plug?

I always replaced my oil drain plug and the crush washer for every oil change, but it seems a bit overkill to buy a new screw. In addition, I started doing most of my oil changes with the Schwaben Fluid Extractor so I don’t even need to mess with the drain plug. Essentially I can just do an easy oil change without having to jack up the car and as an added benefit have the magnetic drain plug collect the debris that will otherwise be drained via the traditional draining method. There’s a lot of people documenting what their magnetic drain plug collected, so I wanted to experience it myself.

From Dimple Motor Oil Magnets:

Motor oil works best when it is uncontaminated. Continuous friction in your engine creates tiny metal particles that contaminate the oil. These particles are measured in microns (one millionth of a meter: 25 microns = .001"). Oil filters catch the particles larger than about 35 microns, but they do not remove the smaller particles. Even after an oil change, there are still contaminants left in the engine. Over time, these metal particles are circulated millions of times, polishing (wearing) down the metal components inside your engine, degrading its performance and shortening the engine's life until it wears out. Magnetic drain plugs remove the smaller metal particles the oil filter can't, extending the useful life of your engine. It is also less likely that you will experience oil oxidation, as the metal particles that contribute to the process of oxidation adhere to the magnet.

Testing Parameters

  • Oil: Ravenol 10W-60
  • Oil Filter: Mahle OX 187D
  • Additives: LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec, LIQUI MOLY Engine Flush
  • Time: About 6 track days and 3 oil changes

What should I be looking for?

Well off the bat, a lot of people are probably wondering if the shavings from the rod bearings can be collected via the magnet to use as an indicator for wear, but unfortunately the rod bearings are lead-copper based and is not magnetic.

So the shavings that get collected from the magnet are just metallic engine internal shavings and it’s not just one component. What you don’t want to see are large metal debris that shows premature wear. Small shavings are okay and that’s what I got.

So what's the verdict? Is it worth it?

For my experience, it didn’t really tell me much other than my engine is not spitting out pieces of metal debris. However it gives me peace of mind that my engine is running normal. In addition, I’m continuing to use my Schwaben Fluid Extractor so I don’t have to worry as much about all the debris, that would be evacuated with a traditional oil change, just sitting on the bottom of the oil pan. At least the magnetic drain plug is doing its job collecting the debris. Regardless of how you extract the oil, the drain plug does work. So why not give it a shot? The price of the magnetic drain plug already paid for itself, opposed to buying a new OEM drain plug every oil change for a year.

If you are considering purchasing a magnetic drain plug, I high recommend you DO NOT get one from eBay as the magnetic block as the cheaper alternatives may fall off – thus sending a large chunk of metal into your oil pan. We do sell the Dimple magnetic products, via RACE GERMAN, which is a trusted brand for magnetic drain plugs.

Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Review