Dialing in wheel fitment for my E92

I was in search of the perfect meat flush fitment for my E92 M3. I wanted a square set that requires minimal camber, but can run a moderately aggressive street setup with a lot of tire tucked underneath the fenders. I went straight to APEX’s E9x M3 Wheel & Tire Fitment Guide to take a look at my options. They did a ton of fitment research with consideration to spacers, tire size, staggered/square setups, etc and it’s super helpful. Check it out if you have not. They have guides for a lot of BMW applications. Anyways, I ended up with a square set of EC-7 in Race Silver.

APEX EC-7 on E92 M3

Wheel Size

18x10 ET25 square

APEX EC-7 on E92 M3

Tire Size

275/35/18 Nitto NT01

APEX EC-7 on E92 M3

Front Height

13.5" (center of wheel to fender)

APEX EC-7 on E92 M3

Rear Height

13" (center of wheel to fender)

APEX EC-7 on E92 M3

Front Camber


APEX EC-7 on E92 M3

Rear Camber


APEX EC-7 on E92 M3


5mm F / 12mm R

APEX EC-7 on E92 M3
APEX EC-7 on E92 M3
APEX EC-7 on E92 M3
APEX EC-7 on E92 M3

Why did I choose this setup?

Whether it’s my track E46 or street E92 or my off-road truck – I’m a stickler for wheel fitment. People usually say form or function, you gotta pick one, but I think you can pick both.


  • Design. My top priority is the look of the face. The profile 3 face has the most aggressive concave face design.
  • Fitment. 18×10 ET 25 square setup. Say no more.
  • Ability to run bigger brake calipers in the future. Clears Brembo and Stoptech 6-pot 380mm BBK.
  • Limited lifetime warranty. For wheels purchased after August 12th 2019 you get covered from factory defects.
  • 50% Off Replacement Wheels. If I do take this on track and bend it, I can get half off.

Some people ask me, why not get the forged version? The APEX EC-7 flow-formed is not as light as the EC-7R, but this is a street car. I don’t care about that as much. On my track car, I’m running the ARC-8R forged wheels, because weight savings and forged matters for track applications.

So what do you think? Did I achieve the perfect meat flush fitment? Let me know in the comments below!