What is the best brake fluid for track?

Brake fluid is one of the most important components of the braking system. The purpose of brake fluid is to exert pressure on the piston of the calipers to bring the subsequently mounted pads into contact with the rotors converting hydraulic energy to friction, heat and noise which slows down your car. Here we review 58 different brake fluids.

This is not a ranking chart since Dry Boiling and Wet Boiling might be of different importance to people. For daily drivers look at wet boiling points and for race car drivers who will bleed after every race look at Dry Boiling. Each fluid a maximum operating temperature; if this number is exceeded, your fluid will boil and braking pressure will cease to exist.

Brake Fluid Review

Below is a list of the top automobile DOT 4 fluids separated by manufacturer, model, wet boiling point, dry boiling point, mixing compatibility and price. BuildJournal does not recommend DOT 5 nor DOT 3 brake fluids. Check out Stoptech’s explanation on the different types of DOT. If you want more brake fluid analysis and recommendations please visit our brake fluid analysis & review guide.

Automobile Brake Fluid Chart

ImageBrake FluidWet Boil Temperature (F)Dry Boil Temperature (F)Okay to Mix?Quantity (Oz)Price/Oz$
Castrol React SRFCastrol React SRF518608Yes33.81.77$59.99
Torque RT700
Torque RT700439683Yes16.92.01$33.95
Project Mu G-Four 335
Project Mu G-Four 335430635No33.81.77$59.95
Endless RF 650
Endless RF 650424622Yes16.92.49$40.00
Neo Synthetics Super Dot 610Neo Synthetics Super Dot 610421598Yes161.56$24.99
AFCO HTX421618Yes16.91.18$19.99
Comar GS610
Comar GS610417626Yes16.90.89$15.11
Wilwood EXP
Wilwood EXP417626Yes16.91.05$17.69
Bel-Ray Racing
Bel-Ray Racing410580Yes121.25$14.99
Maxima SYN High-Temp

Maxima SYN High-Temp410600Yes121.25$14.95
Gulf RF800
Gulf RF800401581Yes16.90.98$16.58
Ferodo FormulaFerodo Formula401590Maybe16.91.42$23.95
Gulf RF1000
Gulf RF1000401617Yes16.91.06$17.96
Motul RBF 600Motul RBF 600401594Yes16.91.06$17.99
Motul RBF 660Motul RBF 660400617Yes16.91.6$26.99
AP Racing Radi-Cal R2

AP Racing Radi-Cal R2399.2593.6No (Magnesium)16.91.18$19.95
AP Racing Radi-CAL R4

AP Racing Radi-CAL R4399.2644Yes16.91.77$29.99
AP Racing Radi-Cal R3

AP Racing Radi-Cal R3399.2644Yes16.91.78$30.00
Pagid RBF

Pagid RBF399626Yes16.91.46$24.60
IPone X Trem
IPone X Trem399622Maybe16.91.1$18.62
Brembo LCF 600+Brembo LCF 600+399601Yes16.91.24$20.97
ATE Super Blue

ATE Super Blue396536Yes33.81.83$18.50
Prospeed RS683
Prospeed RS683394583Yes16.91.48$24.99
Ferodo Super Formula FSF050Ferodo Super Formula392622Yes16.91.12$18.99
ATE Type 200

ATE Type 200388536Yes33.80.41$13.95
EBC BF 307+
EBC BF 307+386586Yes16.90.74$12.44
Tilton TSR-1
Tilton TSR-1383622Yes8.51.4$11.90
Motorex Racing Brake Fluid
Motorex Racing Fluid383572Yes16.91.52$25.75
StopTech STR 600StopTech STR 600383594Yes16.91$16.95
StopTech STR 660
StopTech STR 660383622Yes16.91.65$27.95
Fuchs Silkolene Pro
Fuchs Silkolene Pro383572Yes16.91.27$21.52
Tilton TBR-1Tilton TBR-1383590Yes8.50.92$7.86
Performance RH665
Performance RH665383617Yes16.91.77$29.99
Amsoil Series 600Amsoil Series 600379580Maybe121.17$14.05
Endless S-Four Brake Fluid
Endless S-Four369563Yes33.81.01$34.00
Ferodo ESP DOT 4
Ferodo ESP DOT4361516Yes16.91.55$26.20

ATE SL.6338509Maybe33.80.38$12.95
Pentosin DOT 4 LV
Pentosin DOT 4 LV338509Maybe33.80.41$13.99
Brembo Sport.EVO 500+Brembo Sport.EVO 500+336520Maybe8.50.88$7.50
Maxima DOT 4
Maxima DOT 4332510Yes120.58$6.95
EBC DOT 4EBC DOT 4329500Yes8.80.34$2.99
Pentosin Super DOT 4

Pentosin Super DOT 4329509Yes16.90.47$7.99
Motorex DOT 4
Motorex DOT 43290 (Unknown)Maybe8.51.18$9.99

ATE SL329500Yes33.80.41$13.95
Ipone Brake DOT 4
Ipone Brake DOT 4320518Maybe16.91.2020.36
Ferodo DOT 4

Ferodo DOT 4316478Yes8.50.7$5.99
Castrol DOT 4
Castrol DOT 4311509Yes33.80.5$16.99
Fuchs SilkoleneFuchs Silkolene311446Yes16.90.41$6.89
Gunk DOT 4Gunk DOT 4311446Yes320.25$7.99
Gulf Super DOT 4Gulf Super DOT 4311446Maybe16.92.99$50.64
Valvoline Super DOT 3 & 4Valvoline DOT 3 & 4311480Yes120.37$4.49
Prestone DOT 4
Prestone DOT 4311510Yes120.32$3.87
Ultra Lite Hot Fluid
Ultra Lite Hot Fluid0 (Unknown)600Yes321.09$34.99
Drag Specialties DOT 4

Drag Specialties DOT 40 (Unknown)470Maybe120.5$5.95
Galfer Super DOT 4
Galfer Super DOT 40 (Unknown)509Maybe16.90.45$7.65
Brembo HTC 64TBrembo HTC 64T0 (Unknown)635Yes16.92.01$33.97
AFCO HT0 (Unknown)500Yes120.5$5.99

How Fluid Deteriorates Over Time

If moisture and/or water is introduced into the fluid, you can expect the maximum temperature the fluid can withstand to drop since water boils at a lower temperature than the fluid itself. So it is important to maintain your fluid at optimal life. No brake line is perfect nor packaging so the life of fluid is always dwindling with moisture seeping in from various places. Once your fluid boils, it no longer has the properties that exerts enough pressure on the pistons. You will only want to use a DOT 4 rated fluid which has the correct characteristics for a performance car.

*DOT stands for department of transportation and often provides specifications and safety regulations for car part manufacturers to adhere by.

Wet Boiling Point – Temperature that fluid boils with moisture.

  • The wet boiling point is more important than the dry boiling point as the latter is often tested in a lab under fresh fluid and ideal conditions.  You want to look at how it performs with moisture, since without a doubt moisture is going to be introduced into your fluid over time. You can think of this measure as an average performance rating of your fluid.

Dry Boiling Point – Temperature that fluid boils without moisture.

  • Occasionally, some fluids are known to hold their dry boiling point longer than usual. This is usually due to lower hygroscopicity rating of their fluid.

Mixing – Compatibility with other products.

  • Some fluids you can mix with others. Usually the boiling point will revert to the fluid with the worst characteristics. Sometimes fluid does not mix well with others and you should avoid mixing to prevent a failure.

Brake Fluid Recycling

We take if very seriously to recycle and properly dispose your old (and new) brake fluid. We encourage everyone to take the time to do so. There is a great article on YourMechanic.com on how to properly dispose brake fluid.

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