Check out the Time Attack at Streets of Willow! #GRIDLIFE Streets Special video that was made by Gears and Gasoline. If you’re not familiar with GRIDLIFE they throw some of the best event/festivals for the auto enthusiast community but they’re mostly done in the east coast – actually all of them. Until this.

They came out to Street of Willow to do a bracket style head to head time attack battle. Pretty much the same format as Formula DRIFT where you need to close the gap, but actually timed in seconds.

The video doesn’t tell the story that well, but I had a blast doing runs with Vinny in his E46 M3. (My twin) We basically were neck and neck most of the time. He ended up taking the W, but damn that adrenaline rush is something new.

You can also see Connie and Allison in the video doing some rollers at the end. Check it out!