The stock fan clutch cooling setup does a great job on our S54 engines, however sometimes it’s not enough. To add another layer to the situation, if your fan blades grenades inside your engine bay you can cause destruction to your hose, radiator, hood and other surrounding parts.

The N15 Design E46 M3 Electric Fan Mount is a great way to add a 16″ SPAL electric fan because it’s so easy to install. In addition, the AUX Fan Controller Mount (optional) allows you to retain the stock controller to run the fan on auto as an OEM style would. Don’t get intimidated of the crazy electric fan setups and the false “requirements” to run a fan controller. This one is truly easy to install.

Tools Required

  • N15 Design E46 M3 Electric Fan Mount
  • 16" SPAL fan or similar (SPAL 2024 16" Puller Fan 30102049 - $151.56)
  • 4mm hex bit
  • T25 torx bit
  • 10mm socket
  • 19mm socket
  • 8mm wrench
  • 32mm wrench
  • Ratchet
  • 3/16" drill bit
  • Drill
  • Wire stripper [amazon_link asins='B000OQ21CA' template='PriceLink' store='builjour-20' marketplace='US' link_id='ece54d1d-aff0-4bb8-8b56-740a4e811397']
  • BMW Water Pump Pulley Locking Tool $25.95
  • Coolant
  • Funnel

❗ You don't need to remove the radiator for this job, however you'll need a special angle drill (or maybe even Dremel?) to make holes for the mount. I chose to take mine out only because I was already in the middle of another job.

Install Directions

1. Remove intake duct using needle nose pliers to remove all 4 clips.

2. Remove radiator fan shroud and fan.

2.2 Remove the 3 push pins holding the shield. There is one on top directly center, one driver and one passenger. Remove using pliers. I don’t have pictures of the passenger side of the shield because I don’t run that. This is a picture of the driver side shield.

❗ Be very careful when you remove the coolant expansion line from the upper radiator hose. It's a good idea to pull this so you don't damage the line when the radiator is moving around. This piece is very brittle!

2.3 There are a total of four T25 torx screws (one on each corner) and 2 plugs on the passenger side of the radiator/shroud. Unplug cables first, then remove the four screws. The passenger side top torx screw (pictured below) is longer than the others. Tape up plugs and set aside.

2.4 Remove passenger side lower screw.

2.5 Remove fan using the E46 M3 BMW Water Pump Pulley Locking Tool and a 32mm wrench. The fan clutch nut is reverse threaded. Lock in the water pump pulley and unscrew using the 32mm wrench. Spin the fan to unscrew a little faster, but make sure you don’t let the fan drop.

3. Remove radiator and drain coolant from lower radiator hose.

3.1 Remove the upper radiator hose as well.

4. Remove front pusher fan. I don’t have a detailed step with pictures for this part, but you’re going to need to remove your front bumper as well as your kevlar/aluminum bumper beam in order to access the front pusher.

5. Install OEM AUX Fan Controller.

5.1 Once the fan is out, you can locate the AUX Fan Controller.

5.2 Cut the brown and blue wires on the fan motor side.

5.3 Install the AUX Fan Controller on the bracket.

5.4 Cut the black and red wires on the 16″ SPAL fan right before the plug. Don’t cut it too short as you’ll need all of the wires.

5.5 Solder or crimp the wires.

Black to Brown

Blue to Red

5.6 Apply heat shrink.

6. Mount fan/bracket to radiator for drilling holes.

6.1 Align the fan to the passenger side of the radiator. It’s up to you on where to mount it, but I recommend the driver side because of the fan might hit the water pump.

6.2 Mark holes and drill. I used a 3/16″ drill bit.

6.3 Test fit the hardware and remove the bracket/fan once you’re done creating the mounting points.

7. Install radiator back in.

8. Install fan using supplied hardware.

8.1 Plug in the fan using the stock connector.

8.2 Tuck wiring away from the belts and water pump. I zip tied mine to the back of the fan case.

8.3 Add coolant inside the system if you chose to drain your radiator in Step 3.

8.4 Bleed the cooling system properly. During this procedure the fan should turn on.

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