The best part about finding new photoshoot locations is that they come at unexpected times and although this wasn’t entirely “unexpected” (since the ARTIC Station literally sits next to the 57 freeway) it was unexpected that we were brought here on the way to eat food. Yes, I’m a bit of a foodie person. Scroll below for a picture of what I ate that day.

The ARTIC Station finished construction less than a year ago and it was built to serve as a major stop for Metrolink commuters. As it sits right between Angel’s Stadium and Honda Center, it’s a perfect location for Orange County sports fans who hate dealing with game-day traffic. You can’t miss it. Driving up and down the 57 freeway in Orange, CA you can’t help to look at this odd looking space ship architecture. At night, it’s brightly lit up. Inside the station, it’s lit. Like in literal term and social media slang term. There’s loud music bumping from the sports bar and there are hundreds of colored LED bulbs shining down. Now enough of the ARTIC Station. On to the BMW.

This is Oscar’s daily driver, a BMW F30 335i M Sport. You know his other ride which is a TiAG E46 M3 and you probably know him as the “tuner” for our Buildjournal B-Spec Tune. When he’s not tracking his E46 or coding and tuning, he’s driving the F30. Also, modding it along the way.

So far the car has an M Performace Exhaust with M Performance tips, Vogtland lowering springs, Doss wheels, M Sport trunk lip, and he’s done the M Sport brake caliper retrofit. He’s also enabled some coding features such as windows roll up with key fob, close side mirrors with key fob, activate video-in-motion, tire pressure monitoring on TPMS display, LED turn signal retrofit, angel eye LED brightness, etc. These coding features are offered as a service on our website as well and you can get them done to your F3X. Check out the BMW F30 F31 Coding iDrive, Convenience, Lighting, Safety, HUD, Cluster page on our site for more information.

Luckily I had my camera and tripod in the car so we decided to post up in the parking lot to get a shot of the ARTIC Station in the backdrop. There are some weird light refraction effects going on in the shots, but I couldn’t help it. I just slapped on my polarizing lens and edited most of it out in post.

I have to say these train station spots are some of my favorite spots to shoot. Check out my other favorite spot, the Irvine Metrolink Station on the Photoshoot Map. Oh, and yea I promised you the food photo. Here’s the Korean BBQ Garlic Noodle we ordered.

Nguyen's Kitchen Garlic Noodle