There’s more feeling of a loss here for most of us because of the history we had with Paul. Wether or not you were fans of the Fast and the Furious movies, we in the automotive culture have always conversed around his films. Even a decade later. This Sunday the 8th, thousands of car enthusiasts are expected to arrive at the crash site to pay respects to Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.

This event is not organized by us. We are just posting this information to anyone else who wants to participate in the gathering. The event will take place from 12pm to 5pm at 25690 Hercules St, Valencia, CA 91355.

Paul Walker Memorial Meet

Today marks the third day since the tragic accident that led to the death of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. Paul was most known for his role as Brian O’Conner in the movie series The Fast and the Furious, however it’s the role he played outside of movies that makes this tragic event so devastating. Something you wish you had known before the accident.

Reach Out Worldwide is a charity organization that he started to aid in the relief efforts of natural disasters around the world. Roger Rodas was his close friend, business partner, and financial advisor. They spent lots of time together at AE Performance, building monster projects for enthusiasts and race platforms for clients. Most recently they raced alongside each other at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill for the Pirelli World Challenge earlier this year. Aside from his professional racing career, according to Merrill Lynch, Roger was voted “America’s Top 1,000 Advisors” by Barron’s in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Please take a look at this video to reflect on their passing and if you can please donate to Paul’s charity Reach Out Worldwide. If there’s one good thing that can happen from this tragic event, we can help his organization grow and help others who are in need of aid. For more info on the gathering this Sunday, visit the Facebook event page.


If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.” – Paul Walker