I finally got a chance to dyno the Eventuri intake on my E46 M3. The dyno testing was done to measure the power difference between a stock airbox and the Eventuri intake. Eventuri claims 10-15 hp and 8-12 ft-lb gains at the fly, which equates to around 8-12 whp and 5-10 wtq measured in wheel horsepower. But does it really gain that much?

As a disclaimer, I did not receive a discount or free intake from Eventuri. I purchased this used from a member on the forums and decided to do the testing on my own.

Eventuri Intake Analysis

Before we dive into the numbers, there are a few important things to mention so you have a full understanding of the results. See below for the notes:

  • My stock airbox has a BMC panel filter with the Macht Schnell intake elbow installed during the runs. This setup already made some gains over stock before the Eventuri went in. With the stock intake filter and stock elbow the margin would’ve been more.
  • We are running 91 ACN octane without ANY additives or octane boosters to simulate real world environment.
  • As users requested, we did our entire testing with the hood closed to simulate real world environment.
  • My car has an odd dip around the 4.2k RPM area and the dip is apparent on both stock intake and Eventuri intake. As it happens on both runs, we can rule out both intakes as a possible cause of the issue.

Eventuri Intake Dyno - E46 M3

The overall community consensus seems to be that only a handful of aftermarket intakes actually provide reliable and consistent power without issues like heat soak. The “better” intakes out there are the Deluge CF intake, GruppeM RAM intake, and the Eventuri CF intake for MAF based solutions. For alpha-n or map sensor systems, you have the CSL style airboxes which can be purchased from various companies.

Why Eventuri?

So why did I choose Eventuri? I wanted a system that resembles the CSL intake sound and performance while staying on a MAF based system. I know the sound isn’t exactly like a CSL and the performance isn’t going to be as good, but from other members that have tried both they say it’s a great alternative for those that don’t want to drop a few thousand on a CSL intake. Plus, Eventuri’s whole philosophy is built on making intakes with the Venturi effect. It seems like they put a lot of R&D into making these intakes. They also made a new bespoke cone design which optimizes the flow in the venturi design. I ended up ordering one for the dyno test.

Eventuri Intake Dyno - E46 M3

Eventuri Intake Dyno - E46 M3

The results? After doing several runs we saw consistent gains of around 9 whp and 15 wtq on the low end and 9 whp and 6 wtq top end gains. For peak to peak gains it was about 8 whp and 8 wtq.

Eventuri Intake Dyno - E46 M3So to answer the question on power, yes it does make power. And it’s significant. When you go WOT you can feel the low end power and the sound of the throttle opening up is just pleasant to hear. As you climb towards the top end it just wants to keep going and going. It keeps making power until 8,100 RPMs. The construction is fantastic. The carbon fiber weave is almost perfect and brings a smile when I open up the engine bay.

Is it worth the money? Well put it this way. Looking at it from a cost/horsepower perspective, it’s just about the same or even less than headers. I mean some owners drop $2k on stepped headers to gain 10-15 whp! I give it a 5 stars for performance/quality and 4 stars for price. For the money, the Eventuri is a great value. If you’re looking to buy an intake I strongly recommend you consider this intake. Why spend money on an intake that doesn’t give you gains?

IND is their North American distributor so if you want to purchase, I’d recommend buying from them. Here is a link to the Eventuri E46 M3 intake.Eventuri Intake for E46 M3

Proven power, CSL acoustics, MAF based
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Price


For those that drool over the CSL air box, but don’t want to shell out tons of money the Eventuri intake is a great solution. Proven power gains on the butt dyno, and now on the actual dyno.

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