Secure Your Seat Belt Harness Shoulder Straps

I’ve been running a DIY strap-style harness collar on my roll cage to prevent the shoulder straps from moving around and finally I decided to get the Race German Harness Collars to secure it even more firm.

If you’re running a seat belt harness with shoulder straps attached to the roll bar it is highly recommend to secure your straps to ensure it does not move around. This is especially important for those running 2″ or 3″ shoulder harness with a HANS device. If you find yourself constantly adjusting your shoulder harness, you’re putting yourself in danger.

Race German Seat Belt Roll Cage Harness Collar

Product Features

  • Heavy-Duty Harness Collars
  • Prevent Shoulder Harnesses From Moving
  • Split Collar Design
  • Black Oxide Coated
  • 8mm Hex Head Bolts
  • 5 Minute Installation


The collars come in 1 1/2″ or 1 3/4″ diameter so you’ll need to determine your roll bar outside diameter (OD). Most bolt-in cages are 1.75″ OD so for my Auto Power bolt-in roll cage I got 1.75″ collars. If you need to measure, get a digital caliper gauge or something similar.


It took me less than 5 minutes to install all 4 harness collars. The 8mm hex bolts and Split Collar Design allows for super easy on and off if you have to. Keep in mind you need 2 collars for each shoulder strap so most likely you need a total of four collars for one driver or passenger side harness kit.

🔧 PRO TIP: Apply 1 layer of electrical tape around the roll bar before installation to prevent paint damage on the roll cage.


The collars are made out of light weight steel with black oxide coating to prevent rust. The 8mm hex bolts ensure a super secure installation so once they’re installed they won’t be going anywhere.

Race German Seat Belt Roll Cage Harness Collar
Race German Seat Belt Roll Cage Harness Collar
Race German Seat Belt Roll Cage Harness Collar
Race German Seat Belt Roll Cage Harness Collar
High quality collars at an affordable price
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Installation


No need to pay an arm and a leg for seat belt harness collars. These Race German Harness Collars will lock in your shoulder harness straps in place so they don’t move around on track. Although these are made of steel and may be heavier than the aluminum offerings from competitors, the price point of these collars should make your decision very easy.