First of all a huge thank you to Amir (@that911) for making me this RS Future wing just in time for my track day slash shakedown day before Bimmer Challenge Round 5 at Auto Club Speedway. I always like to say, I’m all about function, but if it doesn’t look good, I don’t fuck with it. I’m glad this wing puts a checkbox in both criterias.

I started the 1st session with some hardware failure so I was forced to retire after the outlap. On the second session, I immediately noticed the car’s imbalanced handling characteristics so I immediately called Amir for some track side support and he was prompt to pick up and discuss some suspension tuning options even though he was out instructing at the track himself. My current spring rates are not ideal for aero and I have a really stiff rear spring to begin with. The wing didn’t help.

On the high speed turns my car would not turn in. It almost felt like I had a broken steering rack. Turns out the front was way too soft so I bumped up the front rebound and softened the rears a bit. The next session I went back out and immediately it felt better, but still lazy. It wasn’t until the fifth and last session, also probably the hottest part of the day, when I felt pretty comfortable with the setup and I started going for time. With my Nexen SUR4 (non-G) tires I managed to clock a 1:58.16 which was a new personal best, however not by much. I’m pretty sure if I ran in the morning sessions I would’ve been a second or two faster.

I plan to make a few more changes to the setup. I’m even thinking about downgrading to the MCS 1WNR setup with stickier tires. Car definitely has potential to be in the 55’s.

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