About 7 years ago, I made it a mission to seek out an E46 M3 and it had to be Cinnamon interior with a 6-speed manual transmission. I found one and my goal was to build the cleanest street E46 M3. Today, this car is a track monster and it has turned into a track-dedicated machine. I pretty much never drive it on the streets. I’ve been driving around my Trailhunters Toyota Tacoma that I use to tow the E46, but it just became too dull for the streets. I wanted to get back into another street car.

I’ve always loved the sound of the BMW S65 V8 motor and when I saw an opportunity to pick up this 2008 E92 M3 with Fox Red interior, 6-speed manual transmission, and carbon fiber roof I jumped on it. Was I in the market for an E92 M3 a week prior to the purchase? No. But that’s how good this deal was. I consider myself winning the Autotrader lottery.

Buildjournal BMW E92 M3

Current Mods

I bought the car with minimal mods to it. It had KW V3 coils, Megan Racing exhaust, Macht Schnell X-Pipe, ESS tune, and a Vorsteiner CSL trunk. I’ve changed up a few things to my liking and the first thing I did was change the trunk to an OEM stock trunk. Then the TE37’s went on. Now it’s very different and I have the following mods:

Future Plans

Honestly, I don’t know how far I’ll mod this. I know it’ll go far, but as of right now the goal is to keep the car street-able. Will this car see track time in the near future? Probably so.