We’ve got some exciting news for all current and future 6MT B-Spec Tune customers. We are currently in beta testing with our B-Spec Tune 2-Step launch control feature for 6MT cars. Yep. Launch Control For all manual transmission vehicles!

Launch control is known to be only available for SMG vehicles only, however with our B-Spec Tune, we can enable launch control on your 6MT. This is an exclusive add-on feature for those that purchase the B-Spec Tune. This will not be available on the ECUWorx software but will be available when you purchase the tune on our online store. The 2-Step Launch Control will limit RPM through (fuel, ignition or fuel/ignition 2 stage cutoff) to a set value when the car is stationary and the throttle is pressed 100%. We are also developing B-Spec performance traction control so that DSC unit will intervene to only allow minimal wheel slip just like a performance based traction control. This means true 6mt launch control with our 2 step ignition cutoff, standing limiter and performance traction control. Changing the rev cutoff method to ignition also introduces the ability to flat foot shift so that fuel is not cutoff when bouncing off the rev limiter.

We also developed the ability to raise the idle RPM for poly or solid engine mounts to reduce the NVH (vibrations). We’ll roll out with more details in the future so stay tuned. Check out our initial test video.

Although this feature is not officially released yet, if you purchase the B-Spec Tune now you will still be able to request this feature in the future. If you are an existing client, we will have a tune update request process setup soon.

In Beta Testing:

  • Launch Control RPM Limiter (6MT only)
  • Ability to raised Idle RPM for NVH (6MT+SMG)

In Research & Development:

  • Flat Foot Shifting (6MT+SMG)
    • Fuel Based Cutoff
    • Ignition Based Cutoff (Allows for Flat Foot Shifting)
    • Ignition/ 2 Stage Fuel Cutoff (Default)
  • B-Spec Performance Traction Control for Non M-Track (MK20 6MT Only – Required for Launch Control 6MT)
    • Torque Intervention Reduction
    • Minimum Torque Intervention


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