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Buildjournal Tuning Labs

Current Version: B-Spec V2.1

Latest Released: 10/30/2018

Upcoming Capabilities:

Working on optimizing of Intake and Exhaust Timing – Testing LSA and Overlap results on different setups

Current Capabilities:

10/30/2018 – B-Spec V2.1 

  • 93 AKI Octane+ / E30 to E85 Knock Adaptions Optimization (High Octane Map)
    • Reduce Knock Adaptions while keeping primary knock sensors active
    • LTFT rf threshold reduction
    • Must meet high quality fuel ratings in order to run this version
    • 93 (US AKI) or 98 (EU RON) Octane or E30 to E85

10/12/2018 – B-Spec V2.1 (Major Release)

  • Sport Plus
    • Improved Torque Load Management
    • Smoothed Electronic Throttle Duty Cycle Curve
    • Lower WOT Threshold

7/10/2018 – B-Spec V2  (Minor Feature Release)

  • Quiet Start 
  • Disable ASC (Automatic Stability Control) for MK20/MK60 BETA

6/4/2018 – B-Spec V2 (Minor Feature Release)

5/7/2018 – B-Spec V2 (Minor Feature Release)  

2/22/2018 – B-Spec V2  (Minor Feature Release)

  • Raised Limiter 8200 RPM
  • Raised Idle for NVH

1/9/2018 – B-Spec V2 (Minor Feature Release) 

12/17/2017 – B-Spec V2  (Major Release)

3/24/2017 – B-Spec V1  (Minor Feature Release)

  • B-Spec V1 Released
  • Disable cat efficiency dtcs (catless only)
  • Disable secondary air pump cold start program (catless only)
  • Disable secondary air pump removal dtcs (catless only)
  • Disable csl intake flap dtcs
  • Disable rear o2 dtcs (catless only)
  • 155 mph limiter removal
  • 6mt shift lights
  • Ews delete + ews tampering dtc delete
  • Disable cat protection (catless only)
  • Disable egt monitoring (catless only)
  • Disable ‘105’ dtc for motorsport thermostat
  • Memory sport mode
  • Smg final drive swap
  • Smg inertia update
  • Csl smg shifting / rev matching
  • Dyno mode (not compatible with launch control)
  • Csl warm up light re-calibration

2/22/2017 – B-Spec V1 Beta (Major Feature Release)

1/19/2017 – BuildJournal Tuning Labs

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